nienhaus-briefoeffnernienhaus-briefoeffnerWe advise on digital global trade.

We accompany our clients on their way to digital offers and order processes that are safe from legal notices and comply with data protection laws, with a special focus on global e-business, adapt or develop compliance standards and also take care of information security.

We use the legal tech software we developed, AGBWare®, to create general terms and conditions (GTC) and privacy notices and offer an update service for these and all other contracts we develop.

We advise on data protection law by using our data protection management software AGBWare Web as a SaaS service and providing support as external data protection officer.

We advise and work in the digital world.

Of course, we only hold meetings digitally via video conferencing systems. Please make an appointment with us by phone or email us your appointment request and your concern. We will then reserve an appointment with us for you and also invite you to a video conference.