Counselling in the online portal

We process all contracts and orders with our clients and customers via our password-protected online portal, which can be accessed at

We also process a large part of our advisory services via this portal.

New customers or clients usually contact us with their specific concerns by phone or email. A video conference to clarify details is also possible. Afterwards, we set up access to our portal and also assign those forms that we need to be able to assess the matter in detail. We also file an advisory contract.

Only after all details have been filled in and the advisory contract has been completed do we take action.

We then check all details for correctness and completeness of content and the request for legal feasibility. If there are any queries or suggestions for changes, we make them via the portal.

The information from the web portal is linked to our legal-tech software AGBWare®, so that information can be transferred. This is particularly useful for general terms and conditions, data protection declarations and other information that may change, because in this way actual changes can be communicated later via the forms, which can then be automatically transferred to the legal texts.

If you have any questions about a specific issue, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help.

AGB on demand External data protection officer