AGB on demand

AGB on Demand is an update service for all contracts and terms and conditions we have created for our clients.

In digital commerce, we create legally compliant and warning-proof contractual terms and conditions, payment terms, revocation instructions, imprint information, data protection declarations, and much more.

In data protection law, we draw up lists of activities, data protection guidelines, or information for data subjects.

In all other areas of action, we draw up contracts.

We also adapt the texts to the current legal situation. We call this service AGB on demand.

On-Demand is the name of our service because we publish the textbooks we have created in our web portal on our web server. We also publish every update there. Every client gets access to our client portal and can integrate the texts published there into their websites or intranet.

In addition to the security gained, our update service saves time.

Widespread examples of use are

AGB on demand - for your internetshop

We use our software to create the general terms and conditions, the cancellation policy, the privacy policy, the terms of delivery and payment, and the imprint for your webshop. The texts are available via our web portal and integrated into your webshop via an interface.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Always up-to-date documents
  • Permanent protection against warnings
  • Texts can be extended at any time

AGB on demand - for amazon & Co

We also offer our GTC on-demand service for clients who only sell on eBay, Amazon, or other trading platforms.

AGB on demand - for your website

Do you run a website or a blog? You may not need general terms and conditions, but an imprint or a privacy policy may be necessary.

We will be happy to check whether this is the case for you and submit a non-binding offer to create and maintain an imprint and privacy policy.

AGB on demand - for your company

The use of GTC on demand in your company allows you to outsource your contract management.

We create new legally compliant documents based on your existing sample contracts and letters. We then enter the documents into our GTC on-demand system and maintain them so that you can always work with up-to-date documents.

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