Contract law and GTC law

We advise companies on the drafting of their contrats and general terms and conditions (GTC).

Under German law, general terms and conditions are all pre-formulated contractual conditions for all types of contracts. This therefore includes not only terms and conditions of sale or terms and conditions of purchase, but also, for example, rental or leasing terms and conditions. Even the contract templates or forms themselves are already GTCs under German law if they have been formulated for multiple use.

We draw up and maintain contracts and general terms and conditions for all types of contracts under German law.

Our clients are not only based in Germany. Due to our global approach, our clients come from all over the (digital) world. We have experience in adapting foreign law to German law or in the other direction.

In all cases, we recommend the use of our service GTC on demand, as thanks to our update service, the investments for the preparation of GTC or sample contracts can be secured in the long term.

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