Data protection law

Data protection law places high demands on the processing of personal data worldwide.

The international digital exchange of data across borders requires attention to developing data protection laws on a global scale.

Data protection law in the USA is structured at the Federal and State level, whereby the States are oriented towards the regulations of the GDPR, at least to some extent. While the GDPR is the strictest legal order in the world, it is, at least since 2018, a uniform legal ruling on a relatively large state territory with a rather large population.

Against the backdrop of a globally fragmented, non-uniform legal system, companies need an approach that is suitable for everyday use, practicable and economical, with the help of which they can easily observe the regulations and apply them in a practice-oriented manner without having to make global legal comparisons.

This is the approach we take in our advisory services, and we live up to it.

When using our legal tech software AGBWare®, our data protection management software AGBWare Web and our service GTC on demand, we can provide easy-to-use tools and services that are intuitive, take into account global legal developments in the background and help to meet all all data protection law requirements.

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